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Fin de production

Principales fonctions et panoramique
  • Hardware Configurator software for configuration of devices used to control machine/plant
  • Control logic (PLC) Software component for configuration of machine/plant control logic
  • User interface (HMI) Software component for configuration of graphics pages for the user interface
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GF_Project VX
Plateformes d’automation - Outil de développement

Caractéristiques techniques


A “user-frendly” guided programming tool based on the use of icons or guided configuration menus.
Especially suitable for developers who prefer a visual programming style.
GF_Project is composed of integrated software modules with specific functions that provide easy and intuitive configuration of automation projects.

» Hardware configuration Module

The Hw configuration module is dedicated to the definition of project hardware architecture, and lets you:
• Define the system architecture and the configuration of individual devices used in the automation project, exploiting an intuitive and guided configuration environment
• Define and parameterise the devices in the Gefran product catalogue and describe their interconnection in an automation architecture
• Configure a single device or a network of devices
• Share variables among interconnected devices
• Integrate third-party CANopen devices by importing the EDS descriptive file
• Integrate devices with third-party Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocol
• Configure data sharing with higher level systems (Scada) by exploiting a Modbus TCP/RTU connection

The Gefran product lines configurable with GF_Net (selection at network configuration level depends on availability of Fieldbus connection to the network) are:
Remote I/O

Operator Interface
Power Controller

Depending on the type of target selected and used to confi gure an automation network, the types of Fieldbus available are:
• GDNet (Ethernet Real Time)
• Modbus RTU (Serial)
• Modbus TCP (Ethernet)
• CANopen


» Programming Logic Control (PLC) Module

This module uses the IEC1131-3 configuration standard and rapidly and easily configures the machine control cycle.
• Programming based on IEC1131-3 standard provides 5 different programming languages.
When writing the control programme, the programmer can divide the logic into single programmes and, for each one, use one of the 5 available languages.
The 5 languages re:
– LD (Ladder Diagram)
– FBD (Function Block Diagram)
– SFC (Sequencial Function Chart)
– ST (Structured Text)
– IL (Instruction List)

• The intuitive programming interface allows rapid learning of configuration operations and reduces software development time
• A Function and Function Block library (developed by Gefran) is available, with functions such as:
– Linearisation of analogue signals
– Ramp generator
– PID control
– PID control for valves
• The on-line test function for the running programme displays variables in real time and allows forcing
• Similar projects can be reused thanks to modular configuration of the PLC programme
• Function Block and Custom Function configuration is possible, for independent creation of a function library that easily integrates in later projects


» Operator Interface Programming (HMI) Module

The module is dedicated to configuration of the Operator Interface (HMI).
This module uses a development environment based on icons and graphic components to create and configure the graphic pages of the HMI.
• Configuration of components on single pages is based on the use of Widgets, available in a library of Gefran components.
By means of a series of Properties, Events and Conditions, the Widgets let you configure dynamic pages.
Properties: a series of configurations that define the graphic components of the Widget inserted on the page. Available properties can be configured with a constant or dynamic value based on the values in the application project Event: a series of functions which, matched to commands made to the Widget on a page, let you run actions such as:
– Change page
– Write a variable at a fixed value
– Run a library function
– Run a script

Condition: a series of configurations that let you change the run-time of properties on selected components

The Widgets in the library provide the following functions:
• Display and change a data item
• Display an image (jpeg or gif format)
• Display a series of images conditioned by a data item
• Display a text with multilanguage function
• Display one or more data items in Trend form
• Display historical and current alarms file
• Select data item with Combo Box
• Select data item with Check Box
• Display multiple Widgets with layer management and selectable runtime
• Select current operator level (login and logout)
• Select language in case of multilanguage management
• Save and load recipe data files

To simplify and improve the configuration of graphics pages, GF_View offers additional functions such as:
• Display with preview of real image of selected product. Thanks to this function, the programmer has a complete and real view of the developed graphics pages. In addition, if the selected product has integrated function keys, they can be easily and intuitively configured on the development environment pages
• Automatic resize of pages if the automation project calls for the use of graphics pages with different size panels. In this way, all of the components on the page can be scaled, guaranteeing reuse of configured pages on different targets
• Configuration of a library of borders for internal definition of a page of 4 different types of borders called Top, Left, Right and Bottom. The configured borders are collected in a custom library that can be reused on all project pages. The hereditary characteristic of each border allows the change to be transferred to a single panel on all pages where that component is used
• PC executor for dynamic display of pages. The PC executor lets you check page changes, value display, checks interaction of pages/control sequence, and general characteristics of the HMI. These operations, run before udpating, configure off-line from the plant and limit malfunctions



GF_Project consists of:

  • Hardware
    Configurator software for configuration of devices used to control machine/plant
  • Control logic (PLC)
    Software component for configuration of machine/plant control logic
  • User interface (HMI)
    Software component for configuration of graphics pages for the user interface